Andrew M. DeRitter

I have always been fascinated by audio. When I was young, I tried recording my own songs with a speaker and my phone. I would balance the “track” by putting the phone either closer to the speaker or my own voice. That was my first encounter with mixing. Later in life I started recording my own songs with a mic inside of my closet and was upset that it “didn’t sound like the radio hits I loved.” So I began researching what to do to change that. Eventually, I was captured by the process of making a song a polished gem through recording & mixing. The audio bug bit me. Since then my interest has only grown. Now I produce multiple podcasts with credits like Crypto Current, and record and mix artists, like myself. My goal is to help you create your dream project. It is my passion to bring your creative thoughts to life. This is my calling. Let me help you reach yours.